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July 10 to July 16, 2000

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This is about computers, Linux, camping, games, fishing, software development, books and testing... the world around us. I have a weird viewpoint from a warped perspective. If you like that, cool.
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On the road again

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July 10, 2000 -    Updates at 16:45

A brief shot - Oh, good afternoon. We've arrived safe and sound. Nice drive, pretty day. Got a couple of rest stop snapshots of Mount Shasta - for posting after we return. Anyway, time to run. Have a lovely week - We'll check in with a few play reports during the week.

Take care, TTYL

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July 11, 2000 -    Updates at ??:??

No Post Today!!! Too busy.

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July 12, 2000 -    Updates at 11:45

Hi, there. Happy Wednesday. We had a nice, albeit busy day yesterday. Started off with breakfast here at the Bard's Inn, then off to the Backstage Tour. Although I've been coming here for over 25 years, I'd never been backstage. Really rather interesting.

The tour took us from the small (seats 115) Black Swan, through the Bowmar (seats ~600) to the Elizabethan (seats 1200). Interesting. Then we caught a brief lunch, and into The Man Who Came To Dinner. I've seen it a couple of times, and worked on one production - this was well done. Marcia hadn't seen it before, and so the twists and turns caught her by surprise. Good job.

Supper we took at the Black Sheep. Marcia had a Filet Mignon, with veg and twice-baked potato. Mine was Blackened Snapper with lime butter, veg and rice - Topped off with coffee and a chocolate rasberry torte. Yum. That was it for yesterday. Today is fullish, with Henry V in the matinee, and Twelfth Night this evening. Now for a quick nap. TTFN.

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July 13, 2000 -    Updates at ???

Updates: None to speak of. Didn't touch the laptop. Connectivity on the road bites.

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Mon    Tues    Wed    Thu    FRIDAY    Sat    Sun   
July 14, 2000 -    Updates at

Welcome home. Hi. Glad you came back to visit! We had a fun time and are glad to be back.

Connectivity on the road really sucks. I was fine and able on Monday, took a Mulligan for Tuesday, then Wednesday I tried and tried. All I was able to accomplish was to zero out the filesize of the current week's page - leaving everyone with a forbidden message. Sorry. Let me see if I've managed to fix it... It would appear so.

Green Show preview image Here's my take on the trip - a photo-journal page for Ashland, 2000. We had a good time - without downloads we were limited to 70+ pictures (and aren't you grateful!) To the left is one of the slightly better shots I got from the nightly Green Show. There's a little scenery, a little landscape and a whole lot of dancing on the photo sheet.

On the book front, I got very little done, which both I and Marcia really appreciated. I have been pushing pretty hard, so's not to let Tom down, but it was time for a little break. I was able to play about with troubleshooting an X installation on an unspecified laptop (successful, and still running, though weak, feeble, in all a girly-man sort of notebook), and make both a mouse and the touchpad recognized as input devices simultaneously (unsuccessful, after many tries).

A fast drive back down Interstate 5 got us home before the afternoon commute got going, and now that this is done, I am going to give Tom a ring, then call it an evening. TTFN.

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July 15, 2000 -    Updates at 10:18

A post for Dan Bowman, who is jones'ing when there aren't enough daynotes to read. I understand, Dan. This week was . . . OK, flatly wonderful. It's nice to catch up, but still and all, it was definitely nice to get away for a while.

Green Show preview image
And there we have another sneak preview from from the photo-journal of the trip. Yup, we had a very nice time. More later, once the Costco run is done. TTFN.

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Mon    Tues    Wed    Thu    Fri    Sat    SUNDAY   
July 16, 2000 -    Updates at 10:00

Well, it is later, isn't it? Good morning and happy Sunday. Since, unfortunately, this immediately preceeds Monday, and we haven't become independently wealthy in the interim, tomorrow is return to work day. Hmmm. The dog ate my car. Nope. Ah, well, nothing for it then.

Yesterday, we did a rather minimal Costco run, picked up a spindle of TDK 650M CDR, a cheap PC game and a few other things. Then we followed that with a stocking run at our local Safeway, this one cart filling - lots of veg and fruit (things we ran ourselves out of prior to the trip).

We also dropped by Frys to window-shop for a notebook computer - the purpose of such a beast would be a dedicated writing and connectivity tool, that I could pretty much write off against authoring income. We looked at features of a number of different brands and models (mostly Sony, which has a HUGE presence at Frys). We ended by heading back home and into the online research that I have been doing off and on for the last several months - we closed on an Acer TravelMate 600TER - P3-600, 64M, 12G, 4X4X20X CD/RW, 13.3 TFT, 10/100 NIC, 56K Modem ... The stats are here. Picked it up from Outpost - should be in hand Tuesday-ish.

Spyware and you - Steve Gibson put together this report on Downloaders... no, not you and I, but the software that is under suspicion of phoning home with every download. Steve put a packet sniffer on the line and confirmed the reports. Check it out, then dump Netscape SmartDownload, RealDownload and NetZip Download Demon all from your system, using the Add/Remove Software tool in your control panel.

[62k] Frankenstein's Lawn [60k] The patio farm survived A nice blanket of fog remains outside our windows, moderating the heat - yesterday it peaked at 80/65 (80° F {27 C}, 65% humidity}. Of course the humidity outside on the street side of the apartment is probably less than that on the courtyard side, since we have a pool and the nearly continuous watering of Frankenstein's Lawn out front. I keep expecting to find zippers around those horrid patches... Speaking of out front, thanks, yes, the farm survived well thanks to our neighbors, generous of their time and care! We have tomatoes ripening by the day, a few more beans (though they appear to be dying out, and a new batch of herbs in one of the hanging planters (since I disposed of a leperous batch prior to our departure).

Today I make a proper start to the Update Scripts part of OLS - this will be a short chapter, with virtually no graphics (a very good thing, hmmm?) I suppose that I had better get to it. Have a lovely day.

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