Frankly, I don’t know what happened on Sunday. It wasn’t a particularly stressful day, I got some stuff done, but not much. Not much at all since I managed also to forget to post, and continue forgetting until Marcia reminded me just now. What’s been going on? Today:

Yeah, more snow

Yeah, more snow

You wouldn’t guess it was Spring already, eh? In other news, I’ve been a much better boy when it comes to sticking to the exercise routine this year. I picked up in earnest in early February and have been improving as I went along. Today, along with sit-ups and a few push-ups, I managed this on the elliptical:

Today's elliptical workout - 845 calories & 5000 "strides"

Today’s elliptical workout

So I’ve got that going for me.

*      *      *

Good news, no new casualties reported by DoD (none announced since March 3). Ciao!

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  1. Yeah, my pulse would have been zero after that workout, too.

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