New Coffee Roasting Cart

So, I’ve got the week off, this week. And we’re not going anywhere, so I have time for projects, mixed in with the schoolwork. The first project is to clean up and reorganize the woodshop a bit. To do that, I need to get the coffee roaster and vent hood off of my workbench, where it’s lived for the last two years. I haven’t minded much, because I’ve been too busy to do much woodworking, but you never know.

Sitting in a box. I had components for a 6′ tall slender rack, rolling or standing. An alternative is to build two half-racks: one rolling, one standing. So I did, and the rolling cart, with a top applied, is the new roasting cart:

Coffee Roasting Cart

Coffee Roasting Cart

In a minute, the maintenance guy for our HVAC is going to be here, then I’ll continue with working in the shop. Ciao!



Mostly Central Americans

The coffee I’ve ordered, that is. Here’s the list of coffees ordered from Sweet Maria’s this evening:

  • Costa Rica Bajo Canet de Tarrazu – 2 lbs
  • Costa Rica La Legua Bourbon – 2 lbs
  • Nicaragua Mozonte -Un Regalo de Dios – 2 lbs
  • Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Dumerso Cooperative – 2 lbs
  • Kenya Nyeri Kagumo-ini – 2 lbs
  • Costa Rica Helsar de Zarcero – Macho Arce – 2 lbs
  • Guatemala Antigua Finca La Folie – 2 lbs
  • Yemen Mokha Ismaili – 2 lbs
  • Panama Carmen Estate 1900 Meters – 2 lbs
  • Panama ‘Siete Dias de Bellota’ – 2 lbs

They’ll be here in a week and a half, fingers and eyes crossed. I’m down to two pounds left downstairs, so this is cutting it pretty fine. Yikes! I should have ordered the day we got back from Maine, but I was tired from the drive. Oh, well.

Nothing to see here…

Typical boring weekend day for “homeowner with yard in summer”: Yardwork. We actually got a good chunk of rain yesterday – nearly an inch and three quarters, most of that within a one hour span shortly after four in the afternoon. So even though the lawns are pretty darned dead dormant (except around the flower and garden beds), I mowed everything, just in case there’s a moisture-induced explosion of growth. That and burning some coffee beans pretty much filled my day.

Yes, I said burning. I was reading, and didn’t pay as close attention as I should have. The beans plowed straight through the first and into the second crack before I realized what was going on. Tomorrow we’ll know how much I over-roasted by. If it’s burnt too much (too ashy-tasting, like that popular coffee house chain), I’ll just roast more tomorrow. It might be okay, though – it’s a Sumatran that’s supposedly good up to a Viennese roast.

Now, time to walk the mutt one last time for the day. Ciao!

More bonanza from the back yard

Potatoes, zucchini, and cucumber

Potatoes, zucchini, and cucumber

Hey! We just got 6/100″ of rain! It’s been bloody dry around here – the only green grass is near the flower and garden beds.

Isn’t that a nice-looking bowl of potatoes? I sliced up one of those, a zucchini, some garlic, and a pepper out of the garden, sautéed all of that in olive oil, and called it supper. Yum! I also have already roasted a pound of some Kenyan coffee beans this evening. The roaster lives in a vent hood I built that exhausts out the basement window. The exhaust is mobile; It doesn’t stay in the window.

Brian's coffee roasting setup

Brian's coffee roasting setup

Now, on with the schoolwork. Ciao!

Save Ferris

Roasting Panamanian

Roasting Panamanian

Yeah, there’s crappy news from around the world, but I’ll just keep trying to make lemonade. Or at least a really good cup of coffee. The bright spot in visiting CNN today was seeing a picture of the young Matthew Broderick, and thinking to myself, “SAVE FERRIS!”

On the coffee front, there’s Sweet Maria’s to help me with that. Tonight I roasted a pound of Panama Las Flores de Boquete using my Behmor 1600 roaster, profile P4, D mod. I let it run the full 23 minute roast cycle, and it took the coffee about a minute past first crack, which is right in the center of the recommended range for these beans. They’ll rest for the next day and a half, so my first pot from this batch is Friday morning.

While I could brew from this tomorrow, it’s generally been my experience (reinforced by the information from @sweetmarias) that the flavor of unburnt coffee really develops considerably when it’s rested for 24 hours or more after roasting. Yes, brewing from it tomorrow, it would taste like coffee. But on Friday, it’ll taste like really, really good super yummy coffee, and may stay on the upslope of flavor change for 3 or 4 days before starting on a slow decline. By then, I’ll be two days from roasting the next batch – I generally get 6 days or a week out of a roasted pound of coffee, depending on bean size and how much coffee Marcia wants me to brew. I can get a week of 10-cup pots from almost any pound of beans.

Be well.