13 Dec 2015 – Wonderful

It’s a Wonderful Life – staged as a 40’s radio play – was presented in properly wonderful fashion by the Annapolis Shakespeare Company for our amusement this afternoon. We decided to hit the matinee instead of an evening performance because, frankly, I’m still recovering a bit from last weekend’s fun. But I’m at 90%, and took great joy in ASC’s 110% performance this afternoon. George Bailey’s story is one that many people know from the marvelous 1946 movie with Jimmy Stewart. I loved this live production directed by Jay Brock, which featured Kevin Alan, Sally Boyett, Nick DePinto, Rob McQuay, and Teresa Spencer. This show brought fresh life to the story for me, along with the requisite laughter and some scenes where something must have gotten in my eyes… If you’re local, just follow the link at the front of this paragraph, buy tickets for the show before it ends in early January, and go!

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I made it back to work on Wednesday, then overdid it with nearly a 12 hour day on Thursday, supporting other folks at a different site, over a long, painful, but ultimately successful day. I’ve got a long list, and a lot of focus needed, to get specific things done during the work week upcoming, before I take a couple of weeks off work. I’ll be local and available for problems and emergencies. But my goal is to whittle away much of my outstanding vacation time before I lose it to end-of-year accounting. Wish me luck.

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DoD has announced no new casualties over the last week. Ciao!

2015 Nov 22

This last week, we saw a brand new play, Poe, staged at the Reynolds Tavern by the Annapolis Shakespeare Company. An excellent show, good food, and a wonderful evening. How can I tell that a new play is wonderful? It leaves me wanting to know more about the subject, and in awe of the actors plying their trade. The 1747 Pub in the basement of the Reynolds tavern is a great place for the work, too. Only two more nights, this week, so go if you can! We also had Linda and Mike over to supper and a game of Ticket to Ride last night. Otherwise it was a normal, if busy, week catching up from my conference week. Nothing too exciting to report.

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DoD reported no new casualties in the last week. Ciao!

Central Time

Me, I’d set every clock to UTC, and just work with it. Marcia would, however, balk at the idea. Yep. DST is over for the “year” but they A) paid back the hour without interest, as usual, and B) are going to steal it back again in just a few months. Sigh.

Fun: We went over to see the Annapolis Shakespeare Company production of As You Like It on Friday evening. It was a blast. I’ve seen two or three productions of As You Like It over the decades, but they’ve generally been fairly traditional stagings. Not that I’m knocking that. Compared to some interpretations, traditional is most excellent. However, Director (and ASC founder) Sally Boyett put together a lively production set in 1930’s Appalachia, with period specific (and play appropriate) musical interludes between many of the scenes. It made for a rollicking good show, while not sacrificing any (well, not much) of the Bard’s original language. We both enjoyed the show immensely, and plan to be regulars at future ASC performances. Highly Recommended!

Hallowe’en has come and gone. We kept the lights off, which keeps the dog much, much calmer and happier. Pleasantly, we found while walking the dog today that not much in the way of candy or discarded wrappers were strewn about. A departure from prior years, but one that is welcome.

Speaking of Lexi, here she is in a recent photo, paying attention to the world and not to me:

Lexi on "Relaxed Guard" duty

Lexi on “Relaxed Guard” duty

Now if we can only keep the kids on dirt bikes from abusing our trails and roads (and keep those kids from getting themselves killed by inattentive drivers). I got a picture of some of them yesterday, and posted it to our neighborhood website, in hopes that the parents in question would observe and take action. We’ll see what happens. Next for me, a rocker for the front porch, so that I can shout at people walking near our lawn.

And yeah, I’m still waiting for my car. If I’m lucky, it’ll be before the end of this week.

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DoD posted no new casualty announcements over the last week. Ciao!