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OOOooo … err. Certified. That’s whut I am. The week of death march revising on RHEL7, followed by two certification exams on Friday, it is over. And most interestingly, I passed both exams, and now have my RHCE. Coming out … Continue reading

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A Special Delivery

So this happened, via the post today: This, I think, is the last post tagged “School” for a while. Just sayin’ …

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Except for the Shouting

Degree:  Bachelor of Science Confer Date:  12/30/2012 Degree GPA:  4.000 Degree Honors:  Summa Cum Laude Plan:  Computer Information Technology Um, yay?

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And Done!

I turned in the final final, on the 33.3 year path from entering university in the Fall of 1979 to the end of this year. For the last five years, I’ve been taking courses at UMUC, filling in holes in … Continue reading

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Work, Schoolwork, and Statistics…

If you are playing along at home, you might suspect that “Damned” could fit in for “School” in today’s word-swap cipher match. The upside for me is that I’m developing a project website that I’m likely to put into play … Continue reading

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Beginning of the End

If you buy into the Mayan calendar lunacy, then I’ll STILL have finished my degree work before the end of the world. I’ll have five whole days to celebrate! However, since the degree won’t be granted until December 30 … … Continue reading

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Capclave 2012 #FTW

I had an AWESOME time at Capclave 2012! I got to spend quality time with a number of superb authors, experts, and fans. Among the former were John Scalzi, the Author GoH – as a “Guest” he sure had to … Continue reading

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Nine Weeks Left

Ten actual weeks left in my quest to get my first BS. I’m in the last week of my penultimate class, and the instructor just cancelled another assignment. That’s nice and all, yo, but I’d been doing research and prep … Continue reading

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Counting down…

Twelve weeks of instruction left to my collegiate days. Sunday evening was full of final composition and review for a couple of things due … and I flat forgot my duty. But here I am! Before I proceed, however, I’d … Continue reading

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My first class this Fall session is a last GER class, this one about myths and (mostly) Mythology. Frankly, it’s an agony for me, because my interpretation is that Myth is fiction that has outstayed its welcome. Sure, they’re compelling … Continue reading

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