Brian Bilbrey

Brian at rest

Yes, you’ve landed on one of these new-fangled blog thingies. And no, already I don’t look quite like that picture; The beard is off. But it shall return one day.


I’m your host here, Brian Bilbrey. Migrating away from Zidane after a nearly 10 year run of co-administrating the system with the extraordinary Greg Lincoln and helping out a handful of friends hosting on the system with us was … bittersweet. I’m not going to miss the responsibility of hosting in the least, but the sense of controlling one’s own eDestiny is much more present when working with a dedicated box.

This site is hosted now at DreamHost. It came very well recommended, not only by current customers (including Greg) but also by a friend who knows the founders. If you, too, want to sign up for Dreamhost services, you’re welcome to use this link (or the Dreamhost link above), which helps pay for the annual service fee. Yes, it’s a Ponzi scheme, but in a good way.

The guide for the whole previous 12-plus years of static HTML can be found on the Site Map. The search boxes on all those pages don’t work anymore, since I didn’t migrate that service over. My friend Google works pretty well, if you start your search string with “site:orbdesigns.com”.

So, why the change?

Convenience, mostly. Posting into WordPress is pretty darned easy, and it manages all the stuff that I had to deal with by hand for the last few years. I automated lots of it with PHP and ssh and rsync, but it was creaky and old and getting harder to modify. I’m pretty busy between work and school (due to finish that in December 2012), and anything that helps me get more content online works for me. Friends and family can keep up with my hijinks, and occasionally I seem to put up something that finds a broader audience. But mostly this is for me, and I’m glad to share it with y’all.

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