Training Week

A week of intense training, VMware vSphere 5 Fast Track presented by Global Knowledge, is now done. I had the benefit of a great instructor: Scott South. But my brain is bursting with information about this latest update to the VMware product line.

Also, Spring session at UMUC is almost done for me. I’ve got one paper-ish thing to write this weekend, and then wait for the ‘A’. Yeah, but I’m not just being smug: I’ve got 86 points going into this last week, and 12.5 points still to be graded, so it’s a reasonably certain ‘A’. Much more statistically sound than playing the bloody Lottery, which I also did, just because of this: You can’t lose if you don’t play.

The reading stack

The reading stack

Why do I share this boring picture with you? This is what happens to me when school is in session. Stuff I want to read is stacked up way behind schoolwork, etc. There’s Make in there, woodworking mags, and much more. There’s also a virtual stack in the Kindle. I’m going to start at the top of the physical stack and unwind from training week this evening.

I’ll do the schoolwork tomorrow, and probably some yardwork on Sunday. Ciao!

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