School and Lexi

First, Lexi … She’s a dog who epitomizes dogness, especially in the napping department. But when it comes to bed neatness, well, it’s not her long suit. This bed had been made, before Lexi decided to climb back in for a late afternoon nap:

Lexi vs. the bedding

Lexi vs. the bedding

You say, no, that’s not Lexi … You’re the slob, Brian. Not so. See:

Lexi uncovered

Lexi uncovered

But she’s not very good at looking guilty, is she?

*      *      *

When all was said and done with the PeopleSoft upgrade of MyUMUC, many things were broken. THANKS, UMUC! For one thing, my instructor from the Software Engineering course has been unable to submit grades, so I don’t have my grade to submit for reimbursement. Grrr. THANKS, UMUC!

Worse, the student advising tool, designed to help people figure out what courses need to be taken to finish up their degree is now both less useful, and a big fat liar. It’s less useful because it is a dramatic departure from the prior interface, which worked just fine, thanks. In the name of modern web technology, they’ve made a dynamic Ajax-y crap pile.

The big fat liar part comes in here: The answers that the former advising tool gave are different than the new tool. WTF? Now what? THANKS, UMUC! I called on Wednesday, they said that they knew it was broken, and it’d be fixed in a week or two. I have an idea. Don’t release BROKEN CRAP SOFTWARE that tens of thousands of students rely on for information and advice. THANKS, UMUC! You can have my idea for free … just act on it.

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