From the Garden

Last week, a couple of tomatoes, a few potatoes, and these butternut squash:

Butternut squash

Butternut squash

Yesterday I made first salsa. Five tomatoes, one each habañero, jalapeño, and cerrano pepper, and some cilantro from the garden. A small onion, and half a clove of garlic. Yummy, but a full 2.75 on my 3 point scale of salsa. I could not finish a measly three cups of salsa – I stopped when I noticed that my lips, cheeks, and tongue were all numb with the heat. Yummy, but too darn hot. It was four hours before that wore off…

Today, from the garden:

Tomatoes, zucchini, and insane cucumber

Tomatoes, zucchini, and insane cucumbers

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