This ain’t the Sandy that Bruce sings about!

Winds ebb and flow, with the gusts a bit stronger, hour by hour. Light rain and drizzle overnight lead to 0.6 ” of rain by the time I left for work this morning. I came home shortly after noon, and it’s been raining gangbusters all day. The 24 hour total for Sandy in our back yard is 3.3″. I stand ready to fire up the generator when the power fails, which I expect this evening or overnight. Once gone, it’s likely to be days before it’s back. Right now, BG&E has 44K outages, and the others are likely following suit.

Sandy’s making landfall at the southern-most end of New Jersey right now, and will spend a bunch of hours dumping hurricane-force winds over several hundred (mental math problems, sorry) a couple of hundred thousand square miles of eastern seaboard, including us. After that, it should start tapering off for us, say by midday tomorrow, as life starts to really suck for Pennsylvania for a day or two.

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