Finishing in Stages

The woodshop isn’t big enough to build everything, then finish everything, then put everything in place up here in my office. SO … I’ve assembled the first set of shelves (which was done by the end of last weekend). Since then, I’ve been applying finishes. Four days of finish, just for the shelving backs. A coat of the dark teal, knock down the grain, and recoat with the teal. Coat once with satin finish oil-modified water-based polyurethane, sand with 320 grit, and recoat with the poly. The backs are stunning, but not photographable as standalone objects. You’ll see what I’m on about when they’re installed.

Last night, I started painting out the shelves in the selected off-white:

Painting the shelves

Painting the shelves

I didn’t finish that step last night – I was paged by work at about 80% completion. Since I had to put the brush in water, I ended up calling it a night. The painting is, frankly, a bit fiddly – I see why spray booths are so popular. But I don’t have space for one of those, either. I am going to go shopping tomorrow for applicators that are more suited to the work I’m doing…

I finished up the first coat of white today. I’ll work it tomorrow and recoat … by the weekend of 2 February these should be pictured in my office. Then I can start building the next set!

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