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If I’d been driving around a local equivalent of the Tops Gear (UK) track this weekend, all my laps would have been on the board as either D(amp) or W(et). Fog, drizzle, rain, drizzle, fog – and that was just today. And today was still a busy day.

I was at work by 0715, to do a bit of patching (which could be done remotely), and some BIOS configuration on one of the machines I was patching (which couldn’t). That, on top of 6 hours at work yesterday: racking up the comp time, eh?

I was back home by ten minutes of nine, having finished what I wanted to do there today. Then, off to the shopping while Marcia went to church. Once back, I cleaned up the basement shop a bit, roasted some coffee, and cut my hair. The next step, had it been a nicer day, was to wash the car. But that didn’t happen because plans changed.

Marcia got home, changed out of her Sunday best, and hopped in her car to head out to Annapolis for some kind of quilting thing … and her car just make a single click. Dash lights flashing, computer reset, and … nothing. I got the multi-meter on the terminals and had her try to start it again. The voltage dropped like a stone. Bad battery, of course, which I had confirmed at the Sears Auto Center in Bowie (quick, friendly, efficient folks had that tested and me out the door with a new battery for her in about 7 minutes). Got that installed in Marcia’s Solara, too late for her to head out to Annapolis.

Down in the woodshop, I found that I was out of the dimensional hard maple that I’m using for face frames. So, no work down there today. The balance of the day went to Top Gear and Skyrim. Oh, yeah, and I made a gallon or so of turkey chili with tomato sauce reserved from the summer. Huzzah!

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Our condolences to the family, friends, and unit of Sergeant Wittman.

  • Sgt. Aaron X. Wittman, 28, of Chester, Virginia, died Jan. 10, in Khogyani District, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, from injuries sustained when his unit was attacked by small arms fire while on mounted patrol.
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