Change of Plans

It’s a glorious Spring day out there. But I’m doing none of the things I should be doing on a day like this. I’m not out working in the yard, front or back. I’m not out playing, hiking, or whatevs. Instead, I’m doing quiet inside stuff.

I’ve been surrounded by people with varying degrees of razor throat (aka strep) for the last couple of weeks. Friday morning, I woke at 0300 with my throat starting to act up. I’ve also been battling a mild right ear infection for a couple of days. So, unusually for me, I bailed on work after a couple of hours yesterday morning, and went to the doctor’s office. They agreed that I needed a bit of help over this particular hump, and gave me a standard five day course of azithromycin. Also I got instructions to take it easy for a few days. Sigh. I’m staying out of the woodshop, and out of the yard.

So instead, I’m working on an RHCE course book and listening to prog rock. At the moment, the music is the 1991 Union Tour Live 1991 from Yes, and the RHCE topic is Kickstart files. The life of Reilly, this is mine. Heh, not!

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