Dan steps up

A big shout-out to Dan Seto, of Misc. Ramblings fame. He’s one of the infamous Daynotes Gang, joining (being joined? forced into Internet servitude?) the group shortly after I did, back in the earliest days of the new millenium (or possibly at the end of the last, I don’t have a precise record at hand). Dan stepped up to the plate and covered Daynotes.com‘s registration for the next couple of years, so we’re good most of the way through 2015! Thanks, Dan!

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I was amused to note that NetSol will let you spend nearly 3300$US online to “renew” a domain for an additional 100 year term. If you’re taking the long view, either personally or corporately, that might be a really good financial move. Gandi’s registration fees for the common TLDs are less than half what NetSol charges, but online you can only go up to 8 years for $124. GoDaddy runs just under 15$US per annum for renewal fees.

I bring up Gandi in that list above because I freed myself from GoDaddy’s increasingly interesting perspectives and issues. My biggest gripe with them was their support for Disney’s lobbying efforts on behalf of the MAFIAA’s legislative agenda, explicitly last year’s SOPA bill. It’s taken me a while to find the time to undertake the changes necessary, but I completed that journey yesterday, migrating the last of the domains to Gandi. The web interface is much more pleasant, and when whois privacy and domain list selling opt-outs are factored in, they’re cheaper than GoDaddy, too.

Whoops! Time to walk the mutt. Ciao!

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