Bad sysadmin, no cookie

In a fit of giggles, I did something on purpose which one normally only does by mistake. I zeroed out a boot drive on a Linux box. The system had previously been wiped with DBAN, and a test CentOS install thrown on for REASONS. Those reasons were done, and it was due for wiping again anyway, so, what the heck…

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=4M

Do NOT cut and paste that into your *NIX box as root unless you’re not running Linux (in which case /dev/sda is unlikely to exist), or you want a re-install opportunity because you’ve got great backups and you want to test them. Oh, yeah: Cut the blue wire first.

This is what happens:

Zero out a running system drive

Zero out a running system drive

So endeth the lesson.

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