LISA ’13

Today was the first of a six day run at LISA ’13 for me. I had a full day training class with Rik Farrow on Securing Linux Servers. I learned a few new tricks to add to the layers of defense that we apply to slow attackers, and passed some of my own on, hopefully for the benefit of my classmates. I have three more days of training, followed by two days of talks and presentations. I expect to take a lot of useful info back to work with me.

*      *      *

Last night, Marcia and I went out to celebrate our decade in this house. Yup, Hallowe’en was the actual anniversary of the contract closing, but we started moving in on the first and second of November, 2003. Pretty darn amazing, you ask me. We *really* like our life here, y’know.

*      *      *

Gladly, there are no US casualties that have been reported by DoD in the last week. Let’s see if we can keep that trend going, while we work on getting everyone home… Ciao!

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