Pro Puppet, Second Edition, Grumble.

Well. I’m now plowing through Pro Puppet, Second Edition, in a continuing effort to be useful in integrating configuration management into my environments at work and here at home. But the publisher website doesn’t have features promised by the book, the publisher website doesn’t seem to accept and post the errata I’ve discovered, and now the Puppet Labs blog post about the book has marked my comment on their post as “Spam”. Um, really? Here’s the comment I tried to post to the blog:

Bought the book. Quite useful, about a quarter of the way through, but…
There are still some serious editing issues, code inconsistencies, and outright errors and oversights. While I’m learning *more* than I expected by fixing problems in the examples in the book, I’m sad that the examples appear not to have actually been tested (or copied from known working configurations).

Hint 2 – ALWAYS say what file the code snippet goes into. Very frustrating.

Hint 3 – The book says that all of the code from the book is available on the Apress site. Not yet, it isn’t. Can someone get Apress on the ball about this, please?

Hint 4 – I’ve put in two or three errata entries on the Apress site so far, battling the bloody captcha. None have been reposted, and I’m tired of doing so when I must manually transcribe (I can’t copy out of the Kindle browser reader directly). No feedback, not posted … not sure why I should continue trying.

Like I said, good book, seems to be good coverage, but ragged in places and not as well supported by the publisher as I’d expect, given the amount of money I shelled out.



That doesn’t seem too spammy to me. But then, I wrote it. Oh, well.

*      *      *

Oh, yeah. Home today: I had some stuff to do with Marcia this morning, and I took the rest of the day off … because I can. Ciao!

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