Not very funny

While I’ve generally been a bit of a class clown, I’ve never thought of myself as funny. In a way, the snappy comeback and the right quote at the right time have always just been another way of masking my intrinsic discomfort around (other) people. I *can* put on a happy face and make my way through the world. I don’t think I’m very good at it, though, so I’m always striving a bit.

This whinging is apropos of our on-going spate of social engagements. We went to a cabaret last weekend, neighbors were here for supper the weekend before, we were out to supper with different neighbors last night, and out yet again next weekend with some friends of Marcia’s.  That’s something akin to three years of non-anti-social behavior, compressed into four weeks for me. Still, let me note that I have been having a nice time, but I could do with a little less. I’m just happy to crouch in the corner of my front porch, ready to shout at the kids when they walk on our lawn. Yes, “curmudgeon” is also a masque, eh?

*      *      *

The weekend: Mostly work, both days, excepting the dinner out last night. We watched the third episode of Sherlock series two this afternoon – now THAT’S entertainment! Miss me? Heh.

*      *      *

No reported casualties by DoD, for the second week in a row. That’s a good thing. Now let’s get them all home.

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