Yardwork … errrr, Spring almost upon us.

I withstood the temptation to wash cars this weekend, which was difficult, because the weather was glorious. About 60° F both days. We did open up the house both days and get some fresh air in, which was very nice indeed. But the highs are dropping back down into the 30’s, with chances of snow a couple of days this upcoming week. So I’ll just wait. Soon it’ll be time for washing of cars and yardwork … but not just yet.

Today, I was going to cut my hair and bathe the dog this afternoon (shopping and work this morning), but instead ran Marcia over to G Street Fabrics in Rockville, to get us a little time out of the house. Pretty day for a drive.

*      *      *

Instead, I am dealing with my second SSD failure in a year. An old Crucial M4 gave up the ghost last year, and yesterday my Windows box failed to boot to the Samsung 840 I had installed there. No data lost, I have good backups, but it’s still a pain in the ass. To replace it, I’ve ordered on of the Seagate “hybrid” hard drives. I’ve not tried one of those, and I’d like to see how good they are. I’ll still probably end up with another SSD in this system, but not just yet.

*      *      *

Our condolences to the family and friends of Master Sgt. Aaron C. Torian, 36, of Paducah, Kentucky, who died Feb. 15 while conducting combat operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

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