Nothing to see here

Then why post, might you ask? Well you might. But sometimes, “nothing” is good. For instance, I’ve nothing to report from DoD for the week past. That’s good – no reported casualties.

There’s been no frost, so none of the veggies I’ve planted are dead. That’s good. Also, I made the lawns flat this weekend, and got a bit of work done at the office on the virtualization infrastructure … neither of which is “nothing”. But lawns are boring, and by policy I can’t discuss details of work. So … pretty much nothing to see there.

*      *      *

Someone wants lots of flashing lights near schools for child safety. Sigh. Virtually everyone I grew up with was safe, and we didn’t have much in the way of flashing lights, or school buses with 10 mile visibility exclusion zones. Much better to do two things: one – teach kids to pay attention again. Two – kill a kid on purpose or by accident: Death penalty, fast lane. Result: safety and road courtesy. Seriously. It wouldn’t take too many public executions, well publicised with cheering parents all round to bring most drivers to their senses. The rest would end up victims of Papa Darwin.

This is nothing new from me. I’ve been a crusty, get-off-my-lawn type since I was 4 years old. Enough nothing. Ciao!

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