Memorial Weekend

First, a correction (fixed already) – I had the umlaut in the wrong place in Zoë Keating’s name last week. Sigh. I wouldn’t have these problems if I’d listened to more metal when I was growing up.

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The house in Kensington, California, where I spent my first four years, was sold last year. Zillow has pictures … and at least one of the stirs some memories.

The living room on Norwood

The living room on Norwood

Note the cabinets flanking the demarcation between living room and dining room. Note the glass front doors on the right cabinet. Note the LACK of glass front doors on the left cabinet. Yeah … that was me. Sometime between three and four, I was running hell bent for leather through the house. There was a sofa there, and a rug. I tried to corner around the sofa and lost all traction. Head first into the glass cabinet doors I went. I can report with some authority that scalp slices do in fact make one bleed like an actual stuck pig. The scars are with me to this day, as the glass is not with the house, also to this day. Thanks to my mom for bringing this memory back to the top of my brain (right near the scars, one suspects).

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I killed myself yesterday in the yard – all of the front beds are now weeded and mulched. In the evening we went over to supper with Linda and Mike. Yummy, yummy lamb, veggies, potatoes, and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Excellent company, and excellent victuals. Then we played Ticket to Ride, in which I eked out a two point win with the longest train. Not sitting on the Loser’s Couch last night, Mr. Wheaton!

Today was shopping for food, then shopping for paint. It’s time to clean, lightly sand, and paint the trim, front and back. Sadly, the local Sherwin Williams store, which is the local listed seller of Duron paint (an off-white for the porch and window trim), had a singularly unhelpful person who told me they couldn’t help me with the paint, even though I had the color codes. So screw that. I chiseled out a paint chip from one of the posts. Then I headed over to Will’s Home Decorating in Beltsville, where they still had a can of the original Benjamin Moore Classic Burgundy color which is the second trim color. They also matched and mixed me a gallon of the color I need to replace the Duron brand. Guess who’s getting my continuing business, eh?

The rest of the day? A write-off, frankly. I burned through most of my energy yesterday, and I’ll do another round of stuff tomorrow, so breaking in the middle seems like a good idea.

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Tomorrow is Memorial Day. Marcia and I have a number of people in our families who served in our nation’s armed services. It’s good to take the time to reflect on their service, and remember their stories, and their sacrifices.

Our condolences to the family and friends of Spec. Adrian M. Perkins, 19, of Pine Valley, California, who died on May 17, in Amman, Jordan, from a non-combat related injury.

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