Spring coming; International Women’s Day

But let’s do this the other way around: International Women’s Day. The joke du’jour involves “of course it’s the day with just 23 hours” (in most of the US, anyway). But frankly, with women being treated badly in every old way, and in the various new ways that the Internet has spawned, it needs more than a day.

Women are people. All people deserve respect. That’s the bottom line. And when people like Brianna Wu (Chief Panjandrum of Development at Giant Spacekat, @spacekatgal on teh twitters, outstanding geek feminist, and recipient of death, rape, and family threats daily) continually has to deal with shitty Internet trolls and modify her agendas and lifestyle because at least one of those trolls might be a for-reals psycho … well, that sucks.

For every woman who speaks up about the unconscionable behavior she endures (one way or another), there are many, many who don’t speak up. To keep the job, to keep the family together, or because there aren’t any other alternatives. It shouldn’t suck to be a person, to be a woman. It also shouldn’t suck to be differently gendered, or developmentally challenged, or any of the other divisive modes that people (and most easily, the anonymous angry denizens of the Internet) use to spew hatred upon others for “fun.”

*      *      *

As a very-nearly unrelated side note, I’m generally not much of a casual gamer. I’m more on the hours-at-a-time solo FPS or RPG on the PC gamer. But I downloaded Giant Spacekat’s game Revolution 60 (free to start), and purchased the full game. I’ve been enjoying the gameplay. As usual, I don’t choose a single path, but somehow I always end up either chaotic good or chaotic neutral. Just who I am, I guess. If you play games on the iPhone or iPad, give the game a try. I think you’ll like it.

*      *      *

Spring may, in fact, be approaching. Temps got up above 50 today, and a lot of the snow from this last week … Well, did I mention that we had 8 inches of snow on Thursday. Um, yeah. Well, anyway, much of that snow melted off today. On a walk, Lexi has places to sniff and pee, again. Tonight is supposed to just edge below freezing. But for the next week, nothing below freezing is predicted. How nice that will be.

I’ll need to get the spring fertilizer put down on the lawns, and turn over the garden beds pretty soon. But what to plant? More when I know more.

*      *      *

I spent a fair bit of time this weekend working on the walls and ceiling in the basement. I ripped out a crappy electrical fixture box, and cut a large enough hole in the drywall to put a much sturdier mount in, for the fixture that goes over Marcia’s sewing table. Patching and painting finished up that job. I also got all of the wall and trim caulking done today. During the week, priming and painting, if I can find the energy after work. Otherwise Marcia waits another week for her sewing room.

*      *      *

Still no new casualties reported by DoD in the latest week. Ciao!

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