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Carl Sanders wrote:

Was wondering why www.daynotes.com was down.

The registration for the site expired on 23 September 2015. It’s in limbo for a while, then it’ll go on the block.

Daynotes.com was a domain purchased by, and leading to a website designed by, and originally maintained by Tom Syroid, back in September 1999. By sometime around the mid-naught’ies, Tom dropped off the Internet, and with few exceptions, has not resurfaced. A few times we tried to get the site registration transferred from his name (and with difficulty, since the email address he registered with exists no more), so that we could transfer it to a less-expensive registrar than Network Solutions. Those efforts failed. So, over the years, as often as not, I’ve footed the bill to keep that site up and alive. I only find out it is expiring when someone asks, because I’m not any of the registered people.

So … Daynotes.com:

  1. I used to be able to go to the NSI site and renew without logging in. That appears to not be the case any longer.
  2. There is still daynotes.net, which is nearly identical in content, and I am the registrant, and continue to foot that bill.
  3. If someone wishes to figure out how to pay NSI to renew the site, go for it. I’ll continue the hosting – that’s very little effort.

So there you go.

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