Kindle, revived?

I have a 2012 Kindle touch. It’s been my bedside reader, light and easy on the eyes as I wind down from the day. I think it’s a better late-night device for me than a backlit screen device would be. However, week or so ago, I noticed that my kindle had stopped behaving. It wouldn’t turn on. Then it would, just to display a dialog box saying something about the application crashing or stopped or somewhat. I figured it was down on charge, so the next morning I put it on the charger and headed to work.

That evening, with the status light green (full charge), I pressed the wake button: application crashing or stopped message, again. Sigh. Okay. I pressed and held the wake button for a long while, to execute a reset of the device. No joy. Upon re-awakening, no dialog, no wakie, no books, no nothing. Just a stock wallpaper. Hmmm.

On the weekend, I popped the back off the Kindle and had a poke around. An easy to identify battery, with five screws. I know how to do a proper deep reset, thank you very much. Out came the battery, and out it stayed for a few hours. Then I reassembled it. Pressed the button, expecting a full resurrection. Nope. Blank screen, nothing. I set it to the side and walked away. I guess that three years and change out of a relatively inexpensive device was going to have to be good enough. I started thinking about how/what to replace it with.

Last night when I got home from work, I caught sight of the display in the corner of my eye as I sat at my desk. The wallpaper was back! I pressed the wake button, and immediately got the stock battery nearly empty, plug me in dialog. So I did, and let it sit.

Tonight: full charge, full function, and everything’s fine. I’m pleased.

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