24 Dec 2015

Happy Christmas eve, if that’s your thing. Today I’ve finished up, finally, the second plumbing job I started on the weekend. I was reconnecting the sink and trap in the foyer area in the basement. It’ll be handy for a variety of purposes, so that’s all good.

In other news, I traded up in cars. After a few squirrelly episodes last winter, I found myself wishing for a four wheel drive car again. I still wanted “fun to drive”, but “massively fun to drive, yet safer” (say an Audi R10) is out of my reach. I’d also been mulling the “really fun to drive” option, with the M2 waiting in the wings for next year’s intro. Affordable, but … that’d be sub-optimal. It wouldn’t be driveable in the ice and snow, as a RWD-only car. What I ended up with is an M235i xDrive:

The new ride

The new ride

I test drove it during a rainy period, and found it to be a much more stable platform in the corners in the wet than my RWD 328i. It’ll probably also be fun and quick in the dry, when that happens again. I don’t have performance tires on it, all season is much more prudent. This, I expect, is going to be a long, long term car.

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