24 Jan 2016

“Snowzilla” – that’s the name some of the local weather liars gave to this storm, and it was a doozy! The closest local airport to us, BWI, had record snowfall of 29+”. I’d say that here, we got a total of 22″, probably a bit more. Hard to tell more precisely than that because of drifts and wind. Here’s the view out our garage door Saturday morning around 0900 EST:

Snowzilla - Saturday morning

Snowzilla – Saturday morning

I measured 14″ accumulated in the middle of the driveway. That drift next to the door was about 3′ high. I cleared the driveway and the sidewalks once on Saturday. The snow was just about the height of the throat of my snow blower, so that worked out okay. Today, I went out again and cleared everything again – the day started clear and cold (at 16 F), but I waited until after 9 again to start work, and the temps were up into the mid-20’s. By 1230 I’d cleared all my stuff, and helped out a couple of neighbors who needed it. Here’s the driveway:

Driveway after final clearing

Driveway after final clearing

Even with the machine, I still did a fair bit of hand shovel work at the berm down at the roadside.  I also cut a path to the mailbox in from the roadway, and cut a couple of spots off the driveway and sidewalk to give Lexi some greenspace on which to do her business. I’m reasonably tired, at this point.

The best news is that, regionally, we appear to have dodged the wide-spread power outages that were anticipated, between the heavy, wet snow and high winds. Can’t say as I’m disappointed, but I was ready: Along with the snow blower, I’d also spun up and checked out my generator on Thursday evening in advance of the storm – we were ready.

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DoD announced no new casualties in the last week.

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