21 Feb 2016

It’s been a busy week and weekend. Lots of fun stuff at work, including setup for production patching this weekend and a big physical-to-virtual migration of a production workload. Several of us worked on it for several hours today, but somehow most of the tasks on the spreadsheet had my name on it … funny how that happens. So my work day today started at 0700 and wrapped up at about 1300, with a bit more email and ticket work late in the afternoon.

*      *      *

Additionally, it was unseasonably warm this weekend, with temps in the mid-to-high 50’s. Nice for walking the mutt. And it let me do some work in my spare time in the garage and shed – replacing 7 fluorescent fixtures holding a total of (11) 4o watt 4′ tubes. All that has been replaced by two 4700 lumen, 40 watt LED fixtures. One each in the garage and shed. I may add one more in the garage, just to bump up the lighting over the back bench. Even so – cutting the load from 440 watts to 80 or 120 is a big win. And those fluorescent fixtures didn’t much like being cold. When the temps are in the mid-30’s or lower, it was a crapshoot whether I’d get light or not when the switch was flipped.

*      *      *

Marcia spent much of the weekend baking, making beautiful things. More details there once they can be revealed.

*      *      *

DoD announced no new casualties in the last week, for which we are grateful. Ciao!

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