25 September 2017

That was a chore-filled weekend. The lawns are all lovely and flat, and nearly the whole house is much, much cleaner. But I was bloody exhausted by the time last night rolled around. So sorry.

*      *      *

Only big news is upgrading my MacBook Pro to the latest MacOS release: High Sierra. I’d popped for one of the Beta releases earlier in the Summer, and put in a few issue reports before reverting to Sierra. All of the issues I reported actually garnered responses from Apple, and they’ve all been remediated in the GA release of the OS. Frankly, it’s mostly an underpinnings and foundation release, which I find pretty cool, but doesn’t leave much to talk about. All of my regular use cases are fully functional, so I have no reason to revert and wait for the 11.1 release.

*      *      *

Nothing else of deep interest to discuss at this time. If you’re in the DC Metro area, tomorrow night is Annapolis Shakespeare‘s last production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged. We *did* go to that show a second time last week, because it’s a real hoot, and they’re not running it next summer. If you can, go. Links on the website. Also, opening this week is Much Ado About Nothing. Sally says, “Imagine Mad Men meets 50’s glam!” We’re so looking forward to this show!

*      *      *

DoD reported no new casualties during the last week. Deo gratias.

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