29 October 2017

Boo! Ha Ha Ha!

There. That’s the extent of my seasonal participation in the upcoming Day of the Dead celebration.

*      *      *

This last week, we went to see POE… And All The Others, put on by the Annapolis Shakespeare Company. As with last year’s production, Poe was played with power and sensitivity by Brian Keith MacDonald. This year’s Muse (and all the others) was played by Olivia Ercolano. Olivia’s performance seemed to be informed, nay, infused, with the imperious strength of her Red Queen role from Alice, earlier this year. What a joy! There are still two chances to see this wonderful production – Monday and Wednesday of this week.

*      *      *

Work was work: Mostly devoted to monitoring systems this week. Some chores got done this weekend, but the rain came in today, and I had a lazy, lazy time of it.

*      *      *

Our condolences to the family and friends of Chief Warrant Officer Jacob M. Sims, 36, of Juneau, Alaska, who died Oct. 27 in Logar Province, Afghanistan, as a result of wounds sustained when he was involved in a helicopter crash.

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