Happy Dancing All Around…

Okay, not Marcia – she’s not going to be dancing for a bit, but she’s got a whole new left knee joint now. Surgery was Monday at 0730 at AAMC, done by Dr. Louis Ruland. He’s a great orthopedist, and Marcia can probably say that with more assurance than I can. He kept her on her feet for nearly 10 years, and when the joint damage was too bad for any further repairs, he’s given her a whole new knee to work with.

By Monday evening, they had her on her feet for a quick evaluation, believe it or not! The last three days have been full of walking about the floor, physical therapy sessions morning and evening, and naps and such. I was making two trips out there a day, to participate (coach) for the PT sessions, and deliver home roasted and brewed coffee. Tomorrow is the first outpatient PT session, at a place close by the house.

Also twice a week, we have blood tests, because they’ve got her taking rat poison, errr, Warfarin(tm), errrr, Coumadin(tm) for the next four weeks. I presume that the compromised circulation from the knee surgery makes clot formation a lot more prevalent, and the thinner helps keep that in check. Anyway, the twice-a-week labs allow them to adjust her dosage and keep her in the right range.

Late next week, the staples come out, and the work continues.

Oh, yeah. Lexi was really, REALLY happy to see Marcia.

In the style of Jepoardy

It is pumped from the ocean bottoms to the top of the spill mountains.

*    *    *

Zidane is dead. Today we (and by we I mean Greg) has finally had the plug pulled on the third (or second) iteration of a box that we (and by we, I mean both of us) hosted assorted sites for us and friends and associates. The take barely paid for the box, but overall it was both a worthy and worthwhile endeavor. I know I became a better system administrator through working on the system, and got a fair taste of the joys of running a Hell Desk.

This place is easy to admin: keep the updates in place and do backups. The email, courtesy of Google, is as spam-free as I’ve had in twenty years. I’ll never complain of that. Someone was asking about the advisability of trusting the Goog. I replied that they probably already had the email, they might as well store it, too. I still keep an IMAP server running here at home, and that has copies of everything I want to preserve.

*    *    *

No, I don’t know what brought the question to mind that prompts the Jeopardy answer. But I had to get it out of my head, and yours is a perfectly good place to store it until I need it again.

*    *    *

Yesterday was house-cleaning. Not the whole bloody thing, just the hardest part – the main floor. I’ll possibly do the second floor tomorrow. Today was shopping and school work. I got a draft version of my first database class project done and sent in for review by late afternoon. Tonight, thunder and lightning and a delicious turkey and zucchini dish delectably concocted by my lovely Marcia. Now the fireworks are starting up in the neighbourhood and surrounding areas. Lexi hates the thunder, but the fireworks appear only to anger her.

*    *    *

Oh, yeah. Last bit of news for now: First tomato! A cherry tomato was ripe enough to pluck from the vine, cleave in two, and share with SWMBO. We were both happy. First tomato is the harbinger of many tomatoes, which makes me very happy indeed. Ciao!

T-Minus Four Days

It seems that Jerry’s moved over to the new host, with Rick Hellewell’s capable assistance. I’ve got one or two more sites to flip over, then I think nearly everything’s off of Zidane. Checking, I see a couple of remaining problem children besides mine. So I’m sending a few emails to remind people that the box goes away on Thursday, 6/30.

Now I should move Marcia’s last site, and set up some posting methods for her. Ciao!


Zucchini from the garden

Zucchini from the garden

The zucchini – the smallest is 3/4″ diameter by about 5″ long, and the cup measure partly visible in the upper right corner yields more scale for your eyes. Good to harvest out so that the plant keeps working at new veg, rather than making monsters (which we’ve done in the past). Not much else to say – school work this evening after spending some of yesterday at work, and the balance of the day helping the folks from Cottonseed Glory set up Marcia’s new Handi Quilter machine into the evening. Marcia == v.v.happy! Ciao!


Not really. But it is our thirteenth wedding anniversary. Marcia and I were married in Sunnyvale back in ’98, and we’re pleased to have surprised almost everyone with the longevity of our second date, errr, marriage. My present to her this year was to wake her up and tell her that she could go ahead and get the Handi Quilter HQ24 Fusion system with something called ProStitcher (which means that Marcia hands the computer a design, the computer stitches the quilt). It doesn’t even sparkle and I got her to cry. Yeah, it’s a few years earlier than we originally planned, but with her car paid off, we can afford  to do this now, so that she can start getting the experience with this that she needs to make money with it down the road. Me, I got a quilt – a wall hanging that Marcia made for me. Turns out my gift to her is super-appropriate for the occasion: the thirteenth anniversary is traditionally to be celebrated with Lace, Textiles, or Furs. Well, she can work on that middle thing with my gift, so I’m in the groove. And I guess I’m glad she didn’t get me something made of lace … I might be required to wear it.

First Post! Natali Portman and Hot Grits!

Yeah, I’ve always wanted to have my own little bit of Slash* over here.

If you’re looking for the older stuff, you can start over there, on the Site Map. Search on the main site is currently broken, and that’s on my to-do list.

So, WordPress reappears on the OrbDesigns site. I’m going to be moving Marcia over to WP soon, and figured I’d better be using it first. Hmmm … what about pictures?

2011 Garden, May 30

2011 Garden, May 30

Hey, pictures are easy, too! That’ll be handy. Now, back to work.