26 June 2020


So, Summer arrived this week, and we can tell. Just for context, Sunday night a week ago, it dropped into the low 40’s (F) overnight, cold enough that the pellet stove fired itself up. Seriously. Yesterday and today, however, we touched 90F, which made it pretty warm. Between the sun/heat, and weekend boaters, we did not go out this weekend on the boat, but we did make it out on last Monday (Juneteenth observed Federal holiday) and I took most of the day off on Thursday and we got out again. So, all in, three fishing days out of the last 8 days. Not too shabby. Some fish were caught:

My 2#9oz largemouth bass from Saturday 6/18/2022
Marcia’s 2#7oz largemouth bass, also caught on 6/18/2022

Yesterday the 25th, as I noted, a warm day… we went over to Nancy’s to hang out for a while, let the dogs play off leash outside, and after a bit, I went over to the boat to re-rig a couple of poles. Of course, instead, the first thing I did was sink a treble hook deep into the pad of my right pointer finger. Sigh. After some faffing about, we fetched some good diagonal cutters from the house, and I snipped the one offending hook off as close to the treble as I could. Then I could get a good grip on the external remnant of the hook with some needle nose pliars and … yanked my hand/finger straight down, allowing the hook/barb to exit my finger along precisely the path it went in. It was too small a hook to rotate around and spin it out of the finger point first. I cleaned it out with some peroxide, put a bandaid on it, and kept working. Still, no fun.

Georgia, on the other hand, was having great fun. Raven (Nancy’s black lab) and a friend’s dog Wheezey (a doodle of some kind) were all over the yard, playing, jumping into the lake after the tennis ball, etc. Well, Georgia won’t go in after the ball… yet. She’s also doing much better meeting dogs on leash, on our daily two mile walks. So much progress!

Not much else to report. Today was a cleaning/chore day. I replaced another ceiling mount fluorescent tube fixture with a better, brighter LED fixture, and got the upper garage blown clean, to boot.

Tomorrow, work and rain. Maybe fishing on Tuesday? Ciao.