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Cold Holiday

It was colder than 6° F when I got up shortly after dawn this morning, with about two inches of snow that was drifted and icy. No real fun driving out for the groceries today, as a result. The temperature … Continue reading

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Late Summer

With three weeks to go in Summer (proper), summer in terms of weather and humidity finally arrived this week. A few days up into the low 90’s brought us some unpleasant heat and occasionally lots of rain. Last night we … Continue reading

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Labor Day

Labor Day. It means “do chores at home instead of working at the office”, I think. I certainly did. Marcia asked last night if I’d put up my usual Sunday post. I figured that since it was a three day … Continue reading

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Summer Arrives in Force

Yeah, we’re making mid-90’s and up this time of year (both temp and humidity), although that storm gave us a couple of nice days in the mid-80’s, Friday and Saturday. Marcia news: She’s mostly tapered off her pain meds, with … Continue reading

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Lexi Being Cute

Instead of running off when I approached her in the back yard, Lexi decided to deploy her Massive Cute Attack. It works, too … For me, this was just another a warm, chore-filled weekend. When does Winter start? *      *      … Continue reading

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Rain, not purple.

In the last 30 hours, 3.25″ of rain. Another inch or so due tonight, so lovely. This part of the world is waterlogged. Lexi *hates* going out in the wet, but all of life is worth taking another nap…

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This is my belly …

I’d trade her in on a working dog, especially one that does house-cleaning. But Lexi is so darned cute. *      *      * Today, shopping, and more yardwork. I finished dismantling and bagging the junk on the concrete pad. I’ll arrange … Continue reading

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At least I think Spring has sprung. Of course, there was frost on the grass and rooftops this morning, and we have two more of those mornings in the forecast. But I did do some significant yardwork yesterday, clearing the … Continue reading

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Sun Dog

Lexi says that “I’m a  sundog, and you’d better not make any shade.”

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Pictures or It Didn’t Happen

Some of you may not have heard Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra singing Pictures (or It Didn’t Happen), off of the most excellent and awesome album, Theatre is Evil. I will say that, although I love this song, … Continue reading

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