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We’ll see how comments go when registration isn’t required. I’m getting registrations from Poland, which frankly feels like a spamming setup to me, so wait and see. Oh, I’ve deleted those Polish registrations, and I’m going to setup registration moderation. Logins make it easier for posting for registered users, and I still recommend that for people that care to comment.

Be well, as Syroid used to say.

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I am who I am, there's plenty of data on this site to tell you more. Briefly, I'm a husband, computer geek, avid reader, gardener, and builder of furniture.

3 Responses to Registration not required

  1. Matt Harting says:

    Have you heard from Tom lately? I still miss his postings. It was a shame the book you worked on with him was never published.

    • bilborg says:

      We generally talk to the Syroids around the Christmas holidays each year. They’ve been doing well, best I can tell. Nice to “hear your voice”, Matt!

  2. Harlan B. says:

    Thanks for updating about Tom and his family. I miss seeing his posts too. I was also looking forward to that book. Oh well. Talk to you later…