What Day Is This?

I have it on reliable authority that it is, in fact, Tuesday. That’s amusing, since this clearly isn’t Belgium. But with a bunch of reorg work yesterday in the data center, and fun with ZFS and the backup system today, I’m all a-whirl!

Things to do next:

  1. Move the watering over to the next flower bed.
  2. Get cracking on a final review of the database course project.
  3. Figure out why my WordPress instance insists on correcting my writing to British english.
  4. Start on the reading for the applications course.

That third item is fun, because I’ve been known exhibit Anglophilic tendencies in my writing from time to time. So I’m going to get a different set of corrections after finding and killing that configuration. But I rarely spell that word in the first paragraph “centre”,  so I think it’ll be a net win.

I would comment on more important things, but there are reasons not to, so I won’t. Politics and position don’t always converge neatly, I’m just sayin’ … anyway, Ciao!

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3 Responses to What Day Is This?

  1. Don Armstrong says:

    “Figure out why my WordPress instance insists on correcting my writing to British english.”

    Well, that would be “English” with a capital “E”.

    And right is write. The mother tongue is the way it is. There are, I understand, colonies where they speak, write, and even spell some dubious debased degenerate dialect; but a gentleman or lady would never lower themselves to that level. A true gentleman should be grateful for the reminder as to what’s proper.

  2. Rick Hellewell says:

    Did you set your Time Zone on the Settings, General page? or perhaps it is one of your plug-ins.

    • bilborg says:

      Yep, TZ is correct. Only a couple of plugins. It may, in fact, be the browser, but I’ve not had time to explore the issue yet. Maybe I need to put “Get a Tardis” higher on the list … \grin/