Happy Dancing All Around…

Okay, not Marcia – she’s not going to be dancing for a bit, but she’s got a whole new left knee joint now. Surgery was Monday at 0730 at AAMC, done by Dr. Louis Ruland. He’s a great¬†orthopedist, and Marcia can probably say that with more assurance than I can. He kept her on her feet for nearly 10 years, and when the joint damage was too bad for any further repairs, he’s given her a whole new knee to work with.

By Monday evening, they had her on her feet for a quick evaluation, believe it or not! The last three days have been full of walking about the floor, physical therapy sessions morning and evening, and naps and such. I was making two trips out there a day, to participate (coach) for the PT sessions, and deliver home roasted and brewed coffee. Tomorrow is the first outpatient PT session, at a place close by the house.

Also twice a week, we have blood tests, because they’ve got her taking rat poison, errr, Warfarin(tm), errrr, Coumadin(tm) for the next four weeks. I presume that the compromised circulation from the knee surgery makes clot formation a lot more prevalent, and the thinner helps keep that in check. Anyway, the twice-a-week labs allow them to adjust her dosage and keep her in the right range.

Late next week, the staples come out, and the work continues.

Oh, yeah. Lexi was really, REALLY happy to see Marcia.

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2 Responses to Happy Dancing All Around…

  1. pat says:

    Glad you posted an update on Marcia’s surgery. Let’s hope the progress continues without any setbacks.

  2. Dan Seto says:

    Best wishes to Marcia for a speedy recovery.