Beginning of the End

If you buy into the Mayan calendar lunacy, then I’ll STILL have finished my degree work before the end of the world. I’ll have five whole days to celebrate! However, since the degree won’t be granted until December 30 … That’d be hard luck. So the final class, taking me to 71 units completed with UMUC over the last five years, is called “Principles of Web Design and Technology I.” It starts tomorrow, and finishes eight weeks from today. You’d think a class like that would be a slam dunk for me, yeah? But since I’ve essentially been self-trained on everything I know about computers, there’s gaps everywhere – stuff I never had to use. So I plan on learning something from this course, as I did from every other class I’ve taken to get to this point. (Oh, the other good news is that I did get the A for the Myth in the World class. Huzzah!)

My boring weekend: A bit of work at the office yesterday in the morning, and Top Gear UK much of the afternoon. I made a batch of turkey chili in the evening. Today, shopping and house cleaning filled my day. Tonight, after this post and some supper, I’ll get started on my course: reading the syllabus again, and doing some of the first week’s reading.

*      *      *

Our condolences to the families, friends, and units of these fallen warriors:

  • Spc. Brittany B. Gordon, 24, of St. Petersburg, Florida, died Oct. 13, in Kandahar, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when enemy forces attacked her unit with an improvised explosive device.
  • Sgt. Robert J. Billings, 30, of Clarksville, Virginia, died Oct. 13, in Spin Boldak, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when enemy forces attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device.
  • Pfc. Shane G. Wilson, 20, of Kuna, Idaho, died Oct. 18, in Khost, Afghanistan.
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2 Responses to Beginning of the End

  1. Brian and Marcia:
    Just want to say I loved the Robin Sloan (Mr. Penumbra) story. I read it last night and would have commented then but I was dizzy from climbing the leaning ladders . . . Haven’t been to your site in a long time and am glad I found this post. I will be looking for more of Sloan, and recommending him to my own readers.
    I am still in WV and volunteering in a library used book sale; thankfully, one without ladders. The sci-fi table is my favorite. I see you’re still gardening and building and schooling, and have a new dog; my condolences on what must have been the loss of the others.
    Take care-

    • bilborg says:

      Nice to hear from you, Marcia! Yup, busy is good, sounds like you are, too! Libraries are a Very Good Thing ™, even without ladders into the darkness.