And Done!

I turned in the final final, on the 33.3 year path from entering university in the Fall of 1979 to the end of this year. For the last five years, I’ve been taking courses at UMUC, filling in holes in my education, and taking lots of new, shiny, politically correct classes. I’ve had some real trolls for instructors, and some gems. This last one was much more in the latter category, but I have to note the 5-year winner of the category Best Instructor I’ve Had At UMUC: Charles Neimeyer, PhD. I have no idea how the Marine Corps Chief Historian comes to be teaching the History of War at an online college, but I’m glad I took that course.

Overall, I’m very happy with the quality and depth of education I’ve gotten these last few years. UMUC is not a diploma mill. I worked my ass off, usually an additional 20-30 hours a week, a bit more when classes overlapped. I was not the best (or perhaps not the best-behaved) of students, 33 years ago. But application of nasal prominence to gritty rotating device has meant that I’ve gotten an A (I’m assuming that I’m getting an A in the current class, since the work is done and I’m just waiting for the ball to drop) in every class I’ve taken. Whew, tiring, but very glad of the journey.

Thanks, also, to y’all who’ve been with me while I shorted this venue to give time to the studies. Many of you have sent me kind words of support, and I appreciate every one of them.


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  1. Paul Hampson says:

    And major congratulations!