Except for the Shouting

Degree:  Bachelor of Science
Confer Date:  12/30/2012
Degree GPA:  4.000
Degree Honors:  Summa Cum Laude
Plan:  Computer Information Technology

Um, yay?

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I am who I am, there's plenty of data on this site to tell you more. Briefly, I'm a husband, computer geek, avid reader, gardener, and builder of furniture.

9 Responses to Except for the Shouting

  1. Chris Els says:


  2. Paul Hampson says:

    A big YEAH! Now you can spend the next six months wondering what it is you’re supposed to be studying before you remember why you don’t need to.

  3. Way to go!

    So, have you told Marcia yet about pursuing your doctorate?

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  5. Don Armstrong says:

    Yes, congrats. That’s a fairly substantial GPA, as I understand things.

    There’s no need to go for the doctorate just yet. You could sneak up on things with a master’s degree first, just to fill in the empty hours. Maybe not – how about something just for fun, totally unrelated to work – say a degree in agriculture, so when civilisation collapses you’ll know what to do. Or metalwork and blacksmithing, to match your woodworking. {grins}

  6. bcl says:


  7. Dan Seto says:

    Congratulations. I agree with Don Armstrong that a Masters would be the next logical step. Although I dunno about a degree in agriculture. 😉