George Lincoln’s Birthday

Or something like that.

I neglected to check in last night – I actually stayed off the computer all day yesterday. I checked email on the phone a couple of times, for reasons about to become apparent, but that was all. Woodshop work, and Top Gear UK rounded out my Sunday.

Saturday was a big system upgrade project. We’d been preparing for the event for the better part of a year: endless cycles of build, test, and document. Towards the end I was losing sleep thinking about it each night. Finally the day came, and all of the prep work paid off. There was precious little that didn’t go according to plan, but I did spend about 12 hours welded to the laptop, working remotely. Whew! I was really looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

Around 0100 on Sunday morning, truck and siren blaring by in the road. Sigh, someone’s had a fall, or a stroke, or a heart attack. Then, more trucks and sirens, and still more. Looking out a back window, I saw flames much taller than the house they were consuming,  about a quarter mile away from our place. While the sirens stopped, the engines at full rev running the pumps made the next couple of hours sleepless, too.

I drove past yesterday – the house is gutted, it’s going to be a scrape-off. Good news, though – everyone made it out of the house okay! All the stuff can be replaced, with time and money.

*      *      *

Wonder of wonders, still no new casualties announced in the last week. Glad of that.

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