Twitter-spotting #43

@TonikJDK: Fair warning. If I see someone wearing Google Glass I will run up and yell ‘Safe Search off, horse porn!!’”

’nuff said.

*      *      *

@tenderlove: I wish name tags were a hip thing. It would prevent many awkward situations.”

There are so many ways to interpret this. My first reading was that he wants nametags on peoples hips, instead of the standard left-breast position. After all, that would prevent the awkward excuse, “No, really, I was just trying to read your nametag, ma’am!” Then I realized that he probably meant hip, as in cool. But really … hip ain’t cool.

Hip was before cool, and hip may be again, someday, but today isn’t the day. Today we have hipsters, which is an utterly different species from the hipsters of yesteryear. Today’s hipsters are, among other things, utterly lacking in hips. You can’t wear skinny jeans much if you have any hips. And, hipsters ain’t hip.

Now, nametags. I’m not in favor of those. I’m utterly terrible with names. Some days I wake up, look in the mirror, and mutter, “Who …?” That’s just one example of how bad I am with names. Nametags would remove most of my excuses, leaving me with just “being a dumbass with a name-forgetting fetish”. And no one wants to cop to that. So down with nametags. Up with confusion and being called Bob!

*      *      *

Finally, a big thank you to Jeri Ryan, who sent me to PetaPixel’s snowflake post, which led me to, where Alexey Kljatov keeps his blog. Wowser!

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One Response to Twitter-spotting #43

  1. Up with confusion and being called Bob!

    Yes, we Bobs are blessed.

    Although it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one of those signs, “No Parking. Except for Bob.”