10 April 2022


I managed a few hours in the sub-garage yesterday, doing some more cleanup and getting the tablesaw re-assembled and leveled. That’s no mean feat, working solo.

SawStop contractor table saw with extension table, and home-built cross-cut sled.
Re-assembled my SawStop contractor saw with extension table

Next up is to either fabricate from materials on-hand (or purchase what I need) a decent 3′ or 4′ wide workbench that’ll hang out at the back of the tablesaw. It’ll be an outfeed table for the tablesaw, a miter saw stand, and a clamping and assembly resource. I’ll probably mock it up with materials on hand just to get a sense of positioning and whatnot … then decide how to actually build it.

Working Sunday

Today was mostly given over to non-business day work that needed doing – mostly service migrations of either virtual workloads, and a service migration from an old physical server to a new one. Not very exciting, but regular maintenance goes a long way towards preventing excessively exciting events further down the road.

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