8 October 2022

Today’s Images

Howdy, folks.

Fall color on the trees, mirror pond
Moon over the ridge, after sunset

Going to go with pictures for the time being, since I’m too busy for most things.

We got out to California for a week last month, and got to see all the family that we haven’t since well before the covid struck. A really nice visit with everyone, bracketed by terrible long travel days with layovers longer than flight times.

Before traveling, we got the boat out of the water and put it in for the assorted minor warranty issues that surface during our first season with the watercraft. On our last weekend of fishing, Marcia and I both caught good-size bass:

Marcia with her 2# 9oz large mouth bass
Me and my 3# 3oz small mouth bass

Once back in town, work and assorted Fall chores started lining up, so we’re leaving the boat out until next Spring.

More when there’s more. Be well.

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3 Responses to 8 October 2022

  1. Pat says:

    J ust beautiful.

  2. Sharon says:

    Beautiful and, I presume, delicious.

    • bilborg says:

      The bass on the lake we’re fishing on are catch-and-release, because it’s a tournament lake. We caught those two in front of a field of 70 anglers in competition… whoops! Grin.