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I saw a Lexus commercial accidentally while watching Mythbusters. The context is appropriate because … I’ll return to that thought. Anyway, the takeaway concept is also found on this automaker page:

Lexus vehicles, now, and certainly in the future, could be powered by a whole range of different energy sources. Lexus Hybrid Drive can be used to optimize any power source, whether it’s an internal-combustion engine like we have today or some future power source.

My initial thought after dropping a bit of anti-matter into the fuel tank is … where’d the car go? Fast, eh? Or not. And now we’re back to Mythbusters, and why my immediate reaction to that statement was so appropriate to the context. The funny part is that this was one of the less-exciting non-exploding episodes.

*   *   *

Pfizer is in court to extend the patent-coverage of one of the corporation’s most lucrative drugs by several more years by claiming that it’s covered by a second patent that doesn’t expire until 2019. This would have an upward-enhancing effect on Pfizer’s revenues, but an additional (some might say “off-label”) effect of making Teva’s earnings limp along for about seven years.

I thought I had a funny joke about this topic relative to former Congressman Weiner (whose page is still up at the moment – oh, “up”, eh? There’s a connection, eh, nudge nudge, wink wink.) Something related to publicly available prior art … but any activities in the last couple of years certainly isn’t very prior.

*   *   *

Time to walk the dog. I’m on call for a few extra days, for several different reasons that seemed good to someone (else) at some time in the recent past. Between that and school, I’m actually pretty whacked. I might try to get to sleep before 11 tonight. Ciao!

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One Response to Commercial news

  1. sjon says:

    Hmm, I work in a logistics company. Warehouseing and Transport.

    Phizer is one of our clients. We had to increase our security for them .
    Another client is Ansell, they make surgical gloves. And other tight fitting rubber and latex stuff …

    We don’t store product from both those clients in the same warehouse. ^_^