When there are no tomatoes

Potatoes and zucchini

Potatoes and zucchini

When the tomatoes are still two or three weeks away, eat what’s coming out of the garden. So, some potatoes and zucchini, a couple of small serrano peppers, and an over-grown green onion (all that out of the garden) with a chunk of garlic and a bit of left over pork, all simmered together … well, that  makes supper and two lunches. Yow, and those peppers are HOT!

What? No, I used just two of the smaller zucchini, and about 1/3 of the potatoes. Going to have to think of more stuff, because unlike salsa, I don’t see zucchini as a breakfast food.

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2 Responses to When there are no tomatoes

  1. Dave Farquhar says:

    How about zucchini pancakes?

  2. bilborg says:

    I’ve heard of all sorts of veggies in pancakes, but that doesn’t mean that I have to eat them. How about I feed the zucchini to pigs, and eat bacon? I’m an animal-mediated vegetarian.