Save Ferris

Roasting Panamanian

Roasting Panamanian

Yeah, there’s crappy news from around the world, but I’ll just keep trying to make lemonade. Or at least a really good cup of coffee. The bright spot in visiting CNN today was seeing a picture of the young Matthew Broderick, and thinking to myself, “SAVE FERRIS!”

On the coffee front, there’s Sweet Maria’s to help me with that. Tonight I roasted a pound of Panama Las Flores de Boquete using my Behmor 1600 roaster, profile P4, D mod. I let it run the full 23 minute roast cycle, and it took the coffee about a minute past first crack, which is right in the center of the recommended range for these beans. They’ll rest for the next day and a half, so my first pot from this batch is Friday morning.

While I could brew from this tomorrow, it’s generally been my experience (reinforced by the information from @sweetmarias) that the flavor of unburnt coffee really develops considerably when it’s rested for 24 hours or more after roasting. Yes, brewing from it tomorrow, it would taste like coffee. But on Friday, it’ll taste like really, really good super yummy coffee, and may stay on the upslope of flavor change for 3 or 4 days before starting on a slow decline. By then, I’ll be two days from roasting the next batch – I generally get 6 days or a week out of a roasted pound of coffee, depending on bean size and how much coffee Marcia wants me to brew. I can get a week of 10-cup pots from almost any pound of beans.

Be well.

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