Miles Per Gallon

I may like summer least among all the seasons (except for the output of the garden), but my car loves summer. As long as I can keep the windows down and the air conditioning off, I’m doing nearly 53 miles per gallon in the Prius, according to the data from my Sunday fill-up. A week of driving without side trips costs about 10 bucks. That would have run me 25 to 30 dollars in the 4 Runner.

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Tonight was the monthly LOPSA meeting – the speaker was a former (he claims to be former, anyway) penetration tester with a decade of fun gigs under his belt. Topics ranged from ease of physical plant penetration to HB Gary, Anonymous, and Lulz. Technical details of the relative security merits of VPN design, MitM attacks against SSL,  and lousy automated registrars and Certification Authorities tied the evening up nicely. I’m going to be crying about what I learned this evening for a long, long time.

[[ This also serves as a reminder-to-self that I want to get a LOPSA link in the right hand margin one of these days Real Soon Now. ]]


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2 Responses to Miles Per Gallon

  1. Steve says:

    Interesting. I had a 97 Taurus where I did a study over two weeks, when driving to and from work. Week one, windows open, no AC; Week two, windows closed comfortable AC. The Windows closed and the AC ON gained me more MPG than open. Aerodynamics I imagine, have something to do with that…


    • bilborg says:

      Yah. But with the Prius, rolling with the engine off and on electrics, the juice drains from the battery a lot faster when the AC is on, then the engine fires up again. Not such a big deal at highway speeds, but I’m doing back roads these days, with long stretches where the engine doesn’t have to run. Freeway, windows up and AC on is a win. Back roads, ~45MPH, windows down, AC off #FTW. Seems to replicate the results Mythbusters found, eh?