Garden Ka-boom

First things first: Happy Birthday, USA!

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Okay, not *really* ka-boom in the Mythbusters C4 sense, but more like the garden is exploding with growth and veg. I took this shot right after harvesting out a bunch of cucumber, and before applying the weekly dose of Neem Oil to discourage bugs and disease.

Garden explosive growth

Garden explosive growth

The output of the garden seems like it’s going to be prodigious this year. Just look at two days worth of cucumber harvest, plus a couple of zucchini that did not make it into last night’s supper:

Zucchini and (mostly) cucumber

Zucchini and (mostly) cucumber

Now I’ve got more chores to do, and school work, too, to stay ahead of the game. Marcia’s doing some consignment sewing, today.


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