Down to the wire

Summer session is wrapping up for me pretty quickly. Final assignments for both classes are due this weekend, so I’m taking a day off work to work on school. I’ve got to do a PowerPoint (blargh!), and normalize a data set, as well as write a 600 word paper. In a perfect, undistracted world, I could accomplish all that today. I hold out hope…

The Fall session starts for me in mid-September, with a course on Gerontology, which fulfills one of the remaining general education requirements. I finally got around to buying the book today, and the list price aged me considerably: $157.00! Seriously? I guess that’s how much you have to charge for the book you write when you’ve got a PhD in Gerontology and no real other source of income, eh?

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One Response to Down to the wire

  1. Jerome Buescher says:

    As a previous contributing editor to technical textbooks, I can tell you that flipping burgers at the golden arches pays far better than authoring those books. If the author saw $5. from your $157 he or she would be ecstatic.