Something In The Air Tonight…

No, not the Phil Collins song, although I like that a lot, too. But I as I sit here in the family room with this airy bit of fluff that is nearly the fastest computer I have, I am pretty damned pleased. I liked the MBP when I got that a few years ago, but at that time, the Air was still a year away from introduction. When it came out, it was gorgeous and light … but underpowered in almost every measurable way.

Today’s Air is a powerhouse. Seriously. It’s not got enough moxie to be a decent virtual machine host, but as a standalone box, light and capable, I am pretty impressed.

Thoughts on Lion: I can dig it. There are some interesting UI decisions that Apple made, such as doing away with spaces (as such) and having apps that go to full screen. The most impactful change is the scrolling activity. My brain has been wired to use scroll bars on a computer for approximately ever. But using the inverted scroll worked well for me almost from the first day. It’s a natural small-screen (phone) action, and it turns out to be a natural for multi-touch touchpad use, too.

Now Marcia is home and we’re going to finish watching Holmes Inspection. Ciao!

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One Response to Something In The Air Tonight…

  1. Greg says:

    Everyone tells me my Air is way underpowered. I’ve never noticed. It is lightning fast for everything I do with it and the best laptop I’ve ever used. My only complaint was the keyboard backlighting, which is in the latest.

    I’ve used it for real work too. I wouldn’t want to run 3d renderings or final cut pro on it, but that’s not really what it is for.

    The new one could maybe do those things too. 🙂