Stormy Weather

Well, not anymore, just back to HOT. It was 104°F according to my car, on the drive home yesterday just after 1600 EDT. By 2130, the lightning was lighting up the sky in the west. Fast moving storms with big winds, shedloads of lightning, and hail plowed through here. Maybe half an inch of rain, too, much of that within a 15 minute period.

The good news, from my perspective, is that other than a few blips, we kept our power, both here and at work. More than a million other folks in the greater Metro DC area … not so much. They’re talking about several days to get everyone restored, and it’s supposed to stay hot.

We have some plant damage, and fence damage, but nothing major, and the veggie garden came through unscathed, best I can tell. I’ll wander out that way very shortly. But my focus is on the schoolwork, which I need to get to right now. Ciao!

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